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Z. I. de Loureiro - Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
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Moldes Choupeiro

Management Policy

In order to fulfill our Mission, Vision and Motto, aware of our responsibilities in the areas of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work and Human Resources, we are committed to a Management Policy based on the following principles:

  • Guarantee the Quality of Products and Services, in order to obtain the Total Satisfaction of our Clients and to achieve the improvement of our Productivity, Competitiveness and Profitability;
  • Establish relationships of Partnership and Trust with Clients, Employees, Suppliers and other relevant Concerned Parts, promoting the satisfaction of their needs and expectations and contributing to their Quality, Safety and Continuous Improvement;
  • Achieve high levels of Satisfaction and Performance of Employees, preserving their Safety, Health and improvement of their Quality of life, through Participation, Consultation, Awareness, Training, compliance with Applicable Legislation and Evaluation and Control of Professional Risks;
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all Employees that prevents and controls possible injuries and health problems, in order to promote not only the quality of life of Employees, but also of people belonging to their family and social context;
  • Educate, inform and sensitize employees to ensure their own safety and their colleagues safety, the environment and the quality of the tasks they perform, always acting in a conscious, ethical and responsible manner;
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the Continuous Improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated System for Quality Improvement, Safety and Health at Work and Human Resources;
  • Develop a thinking based on Prevention and Risk Reduction, with goal of existing dangers elimination, aware of Quality and SST Opportunities.